About Whiting

Whiting Growth Timeline

Whiting Petroleum Corporation is one of the largest independent exploration and production companies in the USA with an oil focused asset base. We control one of the largest acreage positions in the Bakken/Three Forks resource play in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana with 774,000 net acres in the oil productive sweet spots of the basin encompassing over 7,500 future gross drilling locations. From the Bakken and Three Forks resource play we have consistently been a top oil producer in North Dakota and across the Williston Basin. In the new and large oil prone sweet spot of the eastern DJ Basin of Colorado, we have over 132,000 net acres. Similar to our Bakken and Three Forks acreage position, we are rapidly growing our Niobrara A, B, C and Codell interval production and have an estimated 6,700 future gross drilling locations in these zones.



Record Whiting production of 167,000 net BOE/d in Q1.


Whiting confirmed as record holder in the Williston Basin for top Three Forks well (initial production rate of 7,824 BOE/d) and top Bakken well (initial production rate of 7,120 BOE/d).


Whiting acquires Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. making Whiting the largest Bakken / Three Forks Producer in the Williston Basin.


Production exceeds 100,000 BOE/d in Q4 YE proved reserves of 438.5 MMBOE Sale of Postle assets for $800+MM redeployed.


82,540 BOE/d avg. production YE proved reserves of 378MMBOE, P2 of 109MMBOE and P3 of 156MMBOE.


Whiting installs state-of-the-art headquarters core analysis facility.


Postle field produces 10,000 BOE/d per day for the first time in 30 years.


YE reserves total 275 MMBOE, annual production exceeds 20MMBOE.


Whiting’s Richardson Bakken well sets state IP record at 4400+ BOE per day.


Whiting drills Sanish field discovery well.


Whiting completes 2-year $1.4B proved acquisition program.


Whiting IPO on NYSE at 7.75/share adjusted for split.


Whiting acquired by Alliant Energy.


Whiting becomes a public company.


Whiting Petroleum Corporation founded.