Whiting Petroleum Sean Hannity Update

Thank you for your interest in working for Whiting Petroleum! Your response to Jack Ekstrom’s interview on the Sean Hannity program has been overwhelming! To clarify, Mr. Ekstrom referred to the 260-270 job openings that we have here at Whiting and while it is true that we seek to hire that many applicants in 2014, we intend to hire those over the course of the upcoming year. Our current list of openings for which we are actively recruiting is here on our Careers website.

Please review our job listings frequently since we make changes on a regular basis as we fill positions and also as we begin to actively recruit for other positions. Our normal process for accepting applications is to have qualified candidates complete the information on this website as it relates to applying for a specific open position; emails and phone calls will be directed here. As you can see from the list we have a wide variety of job opportunities in North Dakota, Colorado and Texas. Please click the link to the position you may be interested in applying for to begin the application process.

Again, thank you for your interest in working for Whiting!


Welcome to Whiting Petroleum Corporation’s Career Center. Thank you for your interest in Whiting. Above all, we advocate and actively promote a safe, drug-free and productive work environment. Whiting is a recognized industry leader in innovation, growth and its wealth of talented professionals. We welcome your application to Whiting, and we will welcome your experience and expertise if we have a position available for which you qualify. Again, thank you for your interest in Whiting!