Environmental Health and Safety


Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation is dedicated to protecting employee health and the environment. We do this by conducting our operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; by fostering a work culture that rewards and holds employees and contractors accountable for working safely; and by encouraging the efficient use of natural resources. Our guiding principles are:


We comply with health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations, and internal standards by identifying the applicable requirements and putting practices in place to meet them.

Pollution Prevention

We manage our business with the goal of preventing pollution and using land and materials effectively. We take proactive steps to prevent spills, implement good housekeeping practices, and conserve resources by continually monitoring and reducing waste streams and emissions.

Safe Work Environment

We maintain facilities, provide training, and conduct operations to protect our employees, our contractors and the public. We ensure that our employees and contractors are aware of health, safety and environmental issues through training and communications.

Continual Improvement

We continually improve our health, safety, and environmental programs by monitoring and evaluating our safety and environmental performance.


We communicate our health, safety, and environmental performance expectations with our employees, contractors, and the public to ensure that our decision-making process addresses these issues.

Whiting understands that strong health, safety, and environmental principals, properly integrated into our management processes, and day to day practices, greatly contributes to our business success. To see more about Whiting’s endeavors in this program, please visit our Video page and click on the Environment, Health & Safety chapter.