Form 1099 Information

Form 1099 Information

Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation mails out its 1099 Misc. forms by January 31st each year.

The IRS does not require 1099 Misc. forms for:

  • Royalty income of less than $10 in a year
  • Working interest or vendor payments of less than $600 in a year
  • Corporations
Address Change

Please use the attached Change of Address Form to submit a change of address. Once this form is completed, you can send it via email to, or alternatively mail it to:

Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
Attn: 1099 Accountant
1700 Broadway, Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80290

Contact Information

For questions concerning your 1099 Misc. form, please send an email to or call 1-888-269-9515, press 5.