Form 1099 Information

Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation mails out its 1099 Misc. forms by January 31st each year.

The IRS does not require 1099 Misc. forms for:

  • Royalty income of less than $10 in a year
  • Working interest or vendor payments of less than $600 in a year
  • Corporations

Address Change
Please use the attached Change of Address Form to submit a change of address. Once this form is completed, you can send it via email to, or fax it to us at 303-357-1465, or alternatively mail it to:

Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
Attn: 1099 Accountant
1700 Broadway, Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80290

Contact Information
For questions concerning your 1099 Misc. form, please send an email to or call 1-888-269-9515, press 5.