Royalty & Interest Owner Contact Information

Royalty & Interest Owner Contact Information

Within this section of the Whiting website you will find contact information and several forms that will help us serve owners more efficiently.  There is a difference between Working Interest Owners and Royalty Interest Owners.

A Working Interest Owner or WI owner is a participant in the drilling process and a partner in the well.  They are responsible for their portion of the costs of drilling and production costs of a well.  Should the well be successful they will receive their appropriate portion of revenue based on production.  They incur all costs and liabilities.

A Royalty Interest Owner or RI owns a portion of the minerals in the drilling unit.  This is different from a land owner or stock holder. Royalty owners receive an appropriate portion of the revenue from a producing well based on amount of minerals they own.  They do not share in the cost or liabilities of the well.

To contact us, please utilize either the inquiry phone line, mailing address, or email addresses shown below.

Inquiry Line:

JIB Owner Inquiries – Press 1
Vendor Inquiries – Press 2
Revenue Owner Inquiries – Press 3
Division Order Inquiries – Press 4
1099 Questions – Press 5


1700 Broadway
Attn: Division Orders Department
Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80290