Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation now has the ability to accept invoices from its vendors and suppliers electronically.  By submitting your invoices electronically, all subsequent workflows, including coding verification, disputes and approvals are paperless.  This reduces the cycle time over the conventional paper invoice process and allows suppliers to track their invoice status at any time.

Benefits of Electronic Invoicing
Electronic invoicing benefits both Whiting and its vendors.  Some of the benefits to the vendor include:

  • Expedited invoice processing and more timely payment.  Whiting typically pays invoices within 30 days from the date they are received.  A paper invoice can add additional days to the payment cycle.
  • Efficient, online dispute resolution.  If problems arise with an invoice, we are now able to resolve the issue by automated communication through the E.I. system.  The vendor no longer is required to resend paper invoices, potentially starting the entire approval process a second time.
  • Online tracking of invoices.  Vendors have the ability to view the “status” of their electronic invoices, thereby eliminating the chance of an invoice being misplaced or delayed.  The vendor can view this information as often as needed.
  • Easy to use, web-based interface.  The process of submitting invoices to Whiting electronically is done through a third-party website that is tailored for the novice computer user.
  • Multiple options for submitting invoices.  There are three options for submitting electronic invoices.  The vendor can directly key the invoice through a website, or the vendor can create and upload multiple invoices at once, or the vendor can develop an automated upload from their accounting system.


Next Steps
We strongly encourage our suppliers and vendors to move towards electronic invoice submission.  To get started, please send the following completed forms (which have been attached below) to suppliersupport@whiting.com, or fax them to 303-357-1416, or mail them to the address listed below:

Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
Attn: Accounts Payable
1700 Broadway, Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80290

E-Invoicing Contact Information
For any questions on or to learn more about electronic invoicing at Whiting, suppliers should please contact the E-Invoicing and Vendor Enablement team at suppliersupport@whiting.com.